Hey one and all, this is me.

Yes me. If you’re reading up to this point then thank you, at least I haven’t lost you. Yet.

Ok if you’re wondering who I am, I’m The Hungry Giant, and this blog is only a few hours old. If you’re an old reader, redirected from my old blog, then you’re probably wondering why the change? I’ve been blogging for five years and I have my old blog to prove it. Just this year I caught on the craze of being a food blogger and I really really realllyyyy enjoy being one. I was on hiatus though for a few months, since I hadother uhmm…distractions. But I’m back and basically this is me saying “I’m turning over a new leaf”.

I want to move forward with a new chapter in my life post-college – ¬†beginning my career and hopefully solidifying my place with food – whatever profession it’ll be.

My old blog is heavy with baggage totally unrelated to food, but I’m not apologizing. It’s just that, maybe it’s time for me to move on fro

m being just another whiny kid blogging, to a better version of my blog self *cue Transformers sound here*

Why “The Hungry Giant”? Obviously I love food. I will kill for food. Well not really. But I love it enough to write about what I’m eating so that’s a plus. I’m a big little boy trapped in a 20 year old body. I burp in public. I eat A LOT and even if I am weight conscious, I won’t apologize for eating damn good food.

And I’m not making sense right now, but this is me adjusting.

But of course, in a few short months I will dominate the world. Hear me roar and burp, little ones.


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