I’m back

I’m back from what I’d like to believe would be the first of my maaaaany vacations after taking my Exams. I went with my friends, to the provinces way outside the city, and I’m going to blog more about it some other time. But I’d like to fill this space more so here I am, leaving you with some parting shots of the two food firsts I had:

I’m a noob since it’s my first time to try oysters (forgive me) and the last time I really ate a crab properly was when I was around seven. And that was before my parents rushed me to the hospital because of said crab. I tasted these at a resto by the river, and my group had to take a river boat cruise to get to the resto so that’s a really great concept.

On the oysters – I’m not sure how it’s supposed to taste but um…well, I didn’t really like the way it tasted. I prefer clams and mussels but that’s just me.
On the crab – it was a bitch to crack, so I had to get my bearings just so I could get a decent piece.

By the way- I realized wordpress.com has a lot of limitations. I couldn’t upload these to photobucket and just embed it here. So I’m concerned with the space I might eventually lose if I just use wordpress to upload my pictures. If you’re reading this and can help me, I’d appreciate that very much!!!

/edit – my tiny brain found a way already. it’s ingenius. :))


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