Wet Market Minutes

It’s a lazy weekend. And my mom and I had the perfect excuse to go to the main wet market here in Zamboanga and buy seafood. We had guests from Cebu and Manila over, and we wanted them to try whatever’s fresh and good and probably still alive.

Everything’s so hurried, rowdy, vibrant, albeit fishy, but still, breathing in the scent of the sea among other things and haggling along the way…is good for the soul, or so my mom says.  I’m already thinking of what to do with all the seafood we bought and so yes, the fishy scent inspires me.

I just had to take photos of things I don’t get to see everyday.

Curacha – sea cockroach but IT ISN’T A COCKROACH. I think it’s a close cousin of the crab and/or lobster. I’ve never tried it but don’t worry, this critter is definitely on my bucket list of things to kill before I die.

The colors of the fish scales are amazing. I think these fishes are on crack.
And yes, this angry crab is foaming at the mouth.
And this is just freaky, straight out of Harry Potter, or Saw. But my mom loves eating fish head and sucking the eyes out. OK, TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Clams are amazing, especially when they’re baked with garlic butter.

Now I’m hungry. AGAIN!


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