Visual Appeal

This isn’t really a post about anything in particular that should pique your palate. I just wanted to post some pictures of one thing that really stood out for me this week, and well…..

I could go on and on about how I enjoyed eating these chocolate and mocha sylvannas (sp?) but well…..i didn’t really enjoy it. The coating was so cake-y that eating it proved to be a challenge. And the flavors were bland – I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two.

BUT I was enticed at what I saw below plate level:

Can you see it? Does it make sense?

Yeah, those are koi swimming underneath the glass. Our table had an aquarium installed as an attraction and the table’s surface was made of glass making visualization of the fish pretty nice. But somehow, the blue light just threw it off a bit, making the whole scene less natural-looking. But still, cute concept and I like the visual appeal of it.

And yeah, I’ve had an interestingly busy week with activities and all, but none of them are worth blogging about. 🙂 Mundane as it is, this is worth my time.


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