Better luck next time, Risotto

I made Risotto for lunch today. And well, the most important lesson I learned, in the most zen-like manner, is to respect rice. Rice, without a rice cooker, is temperamental and aside from skill, patience is key. I mean, who likes to bite into rice that’s soggy and crispy at the same time?

That happened to me today, but I’m not really complaining. I liked it somehow since I got over the texture of semi-uncooked rice early. I managed to eventually rehabilitate it for dinner, though. Taste-wise, I liked it so much. It was hearty, rustic and meaty. It smelled great too thanks to the rosemary.

It’s around 10pm here and I’m pretty sleepy to post my recipe. But the point is, instead of simply putting mushrooms, I went all out and added pork, chicken and chorizo like I was hell bent on changing its nationality to paella sans the color. I got this recipe from, and rest assured I’m not over this feat. Ā I just need to practice how to make risotto tender but not mushy, cooked al dente with just the recommended amount of stock.

Risotto, we’ll meet each other again, sooner rather than later. Bwahahaha. Hopefully you’ll look better next time.


One thought on “Better luck next time, Risotto

  1. hi hnugry giant, to begin with, luckily you don’t look like a giant šŸ™‚
    your great sense of humor helps whet the appetite tho your rice is soggy and crispy at the same time šŸ™‚ lucky you did not get a stomach ache ha haha..

    youyr risotta do look mushy like you are being very honest about it LOL
    have a nice day, i like your sense of humor in cooking- just fun.
    do visit my foodie blog, would like to read a comment from you too.

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