Making it work (for breakfast)

Sometimes things just don’t work out.

Take for example, the flattened dough pieces in the photo are supposed to be…..*I’m giving you a few seconds to guess*…..cream puffs. It’s just that it missed one crucial element – the “puff”. My friends made this yesterday for the potluck we had here in my house. (it was a great potluck; I’ll blog about that soon!)

They were destined for trouble when the dough for the pastry was too runny to be piped into a little mound. They ended up looking like liquid cookies even before going into the oven and not much has changed after the time it took to bake them.

But still, they managed to make it work by “deconstructing” the cream puff (I’m trying not to sugarcoat) and make them into whoopie pies—ish.

There were a few pieces left so for today I took them out of the fridge, toasted them, modified the pastry cream (which was also too thick) by adding milk and cooking it in low heat, and here I am munching away as I type this sentence. Since the “un-puffs” looked like flattened bread to begin with, let’s just call it a great breakfast. Oh, plus lemonade. You can never go wrong with lemonade. Really great breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Making it work (for breakfast)

  1. Hahahahahaha better luck next time. I wonder how they make those REALLY HUGE cream puffs at Chewy Junior. YUM, YUM!

    • haha i have no idea where chewy junior is pero if you want a bigger puff, i think you just have to pipe it into big mounds. not that i’ve done that before and i’m not sure how huge “really huge” is…. but according to my friend that was the outcome of her first attempt 🙂

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