Mad for Milk Tea (part 1)

If I had to rank the best milk teas I’ve ever tasted, I have to say that Chowking takes the top spot, closely followed by Zensonita then Hong Kong’s gong cha. Now I’ll skip the milk tea circuit in Manila altogether because I haven’t immersed myself in their tea culture yet. It’s funny how I went from Zamboanga to Hong Kong completely bypassing Manila. But I know I’ll drown in the craze if and when I get there.

So today I wanted to have my milk tea fix but leaving the house was out of the question. I’ve been toying with the idea of making your own milk tea for a while now. After a few tries resulting in watery, bland, imbalanced end products, I kind of threw in the towel. But during the Ateneo Fiesta when I discovered Zensonita and the basic formulation of tea + condensed milk, well, I might as well give it a shot (again). I have no idea if theirs is the orthodox way of making milk tea but it sure tasted good so let’s bury the skepticism for a while.

Today’s end result isn’t spectacular. BUT IT’S GETTING THERE. More tea than milk next time. My harshest critic told me Earl Grey reminded her of cough syrup, just so you know. No recipe today, but it’s good to document the baby steps. 😀


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