Almost There

I have around 10 minutes to complete this post. 2011’s numbers are dwindling down to a few digits and in a short while, I’ll say hello to 2012.

Today was stressful. Extremely stressful. It was also amazingly beautiful. My back is aching right now from almost 12 hours of non-stop food prep. I have two types of barbecues marinating in the refrigerator, a cheesecake that needs to cool overnight and lasagna. Lots of lasagna noodles that have yet to take on the sauce that I made. I’m pretty much beat right now, but I don’t mind welcoming 2012 bruised and damaged.

2011 has also bruised and built me up in such a way that I have to give myself a “Most Number of Titles” award. No, I didn’t get any fancy titles. I was student who became a graduate who became a teacher who became a nurse who finally ended this year as a food blogger. All while gaining a few pounds here and there.

That for me is an extremely overwhelming accomplishment. This year has given so much room to grow, but it has also left me with a lot of questions.

What does 2012 hold for me? What profession will I practice? Where do I really belong?

Only time will tell. All I know is that in a few minutes, there’s a tiny little beep that’ll go off that will tell me that I have another day to make things happen for me. And what makes 2012 special for me is that I know, change is gonna come. Big changes in my life. Paradigm shifts. You get the picture.

I’m not going back to square one. No. 2012 is a whole different board game.

It’s 11:55 on my watch. Almost there. Almost there.


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