What I Ate @ Eureka (Palmeras)

“Because I’d like to believe it’s important to tell the world what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner”

Is this just my second WIA post? Darn it. Anyway:

The Palmeras compound has two restaurants: the main resto and Eureka. Eureka offers Japanese cuisine. But what’s good about it is that even if you’re dining in the main resto you can still order from Eureka (if it’s open), and vice versa. So maybe we went there for the ambiance.

Eureka is located behind/below Patio Palmeras’ main restaurant. Palmeras is one of Zamboanga’s most iconic and popular family restaurants. It’s famous for giving birth to the Knickerbocker – a medley of fruits bathing in a creamy milk sauce that is unmistakably theirs, with ice cream to boot.

But personally I never get tired of going back to Palmeras because of one thing: their bilao. A bilao is essentially a large round wooden/woven plate dressed with banana leaves and studded with an assortment of meat, seafood and vegetables. Almost every family resto in the Philippines has their own interpretation of the bilao. But among the bilaos I’ve tried here in Zamboanga, Palmeras and Country Chicken take the top spot. (Country Chicken is a whole different story)

Palmeras serves a damn good lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly). Paired with a simple dip of soy sauce, chilies and vinegar/calamansi – an epiphany.

Now I’m a fan of ATOA (A Taste of Asia) because of their California Maki and Ebi Tempura. Because Eureka is a Japanese resto, we had to order the two dishes for comparison’s sake. Both were good, but I still prefer ATOA’s version because it tastes…fresher. But Eureka’s is not slimy nor rancid, it’s just…”meh”. But my friend begs to differ, so don’t take my word for it. (But I’m sure you’ll agree with me. haha!)

Go there with the family/friends for a great bilao, order an extra serving of lechon kawali, a bowl of steaming rice and end your great meal with the Knickerbocker. Plus if you ask nicely they’ll give you a sweet and sour dipping sauce for the Calamares (breaded squid rings).


Taking it all in, lunches/dinners are always great at Palmeras. The world would be a drearier place without it. The lechon kawali says it all.

Hacienda de Palmeras
Sta. Maria road, going to Pasonanca
(062) 991-3284

8 thoughts on “What I Ate @ Eureka (Palmeras)

  1. Eureka has a special place in my heart. Hahaha It’s where I first tried Japanese food. I remember I hated it soo much back then because I tried wasabi and my nose watered! hahaha Now, Japanese food is one of my favorites! ❤

  2. We’re always at Palmeras. Basically cause we’re friends with the owner and the staff.. But the food is definitely great! The best in Zambo if I could say. They treat us so well too.

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