Happy Valentine’s Day!

The title says it all. Not everyone is committed to a particular person right now (including me), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it with friends and family. This whole Single Awareness Day idea is overrated.

Anyway, I did prepare two dishes (one main and dessert) for a “Valentine’s lunch” I had. In the next few days I’ll post the recipes here. Not right now (as in today), because honestly, I’m drained. It was like prepping Christmas lunch all over again. Well, not really, but today left me pretty tired and sleepy.

Plus the whole food blogosphere is probably flooded with red velvet cake recipes (from pancakes to cheesecakes) right now, so I’m not joining the bandwagon. BUT I DO MAKE DARN GOOD RED VELVET (ask my friends!!!), just so you know. Pardon the immodesty.

These red velvet cupcakes are from a local bakeshop called Aunty Nitz. I think I raved about them making pretty amazing egg pie (the filling of which tastes like a Macau egg tart) and their pastries are good as well. But sadly, these cupcakes didn’t deliver. The “hint” of chocolate wasn’t there, and it was pretty dry for my taste. The revel bars weren’t as chewy as I wanted it to be. I think they spent a few more minutes longer in the oven, as it had this crunchy crust that I didn’t like.


Because she requested it, I also made cinnamon rolls for my mom’s officemates. I finally topped it with cream cheese frosting and I have to say, it tasted really good. For better presentation, serve these warm so the frosting melts and drips down the sides by popping it in the microwave for 40 seconds – one minute.

Well, considering how my day went I couldn’t really complain (more than the usual).   I’m hoping for a more recipe-productive week so with that being said I need all the energy I can get from sleep. If there’s something I love aside from food and cooking, it’s sleep. I love sleep (I know I’m being corny but the premise of the holiday permits random declarations of mushy corniness on so many levels, so there.)


8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Not really a fan of pastries so you can never tempt me with these. Hahaha Happy Valentine’s Day Gio!!! The whole blogosphere loves you and your food photos 😛

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