I’ve always felt that for the past few months I’ve been living in monotony. I never realized that a single week can change all that, and ultimately, change me as well. Okay, so the little road trip that I had with people over the weekend wasn’t life changing. It was fun, of course. I have a lot of pictures with their own stories to tell, and I’m still collecting my thoughts before I put anything out there.

It was kind of amazing that after a weekend of fun under the sun, Monday would see me stepping into the Jesuit house to go on a silent retreat for three days. I knew I needed that. I was wrapped around my monotony for so long that I badly needed time alone, with myself, for my sanity. Truth be told, I needed to get away from this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love my baby and brainchild, but maintaining this can be stressful and taxing.

So for three days I was silent, detached from the world. It felt strange being in school, but not being in school (I went to the Ateneo). I was alone, but not alone. And the Bible kept me company, and probably made me sane again.

It feels weird to go back to the daily grind that is my life. But if there’s anything that I did take home with me, it’s probably this additional wall of God-given calmness that I intend to keep.

I didn’t bring my camera with me when I went on retreat, but I did bring it when we went to Dipolog-Dapitan-Dakak. Β Here are a few moments I was lucky enough to capture. Hopefully I’ll be back to my blogger-self in the next few days. Well, I don’t feel the rush, but yeah, you get what I mean.



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