I remember it pretty well, I was still in preschool and my mom and I were waiting for a ride to bring me to school. I kept on complaining that I was going to be late, and she looked at me and told me firmly, “don’t be such a pessimist”. Apparently she was the consummate optimist.

I consider myself really lucky to have a mother who is the very definition of the word ‘survivor’. It’s been almost three years, and she has never let cancer, chemotherapy and radiation take away her spirit.  In her 50 years, she has gone through so much that sometimes I think life’s being unkind. But no, looking at it from her perspective, in true form, she’ll simply face the challenge, rise above it and shrug it off after.

Having a mother is probably one of the greatest imperfectly perfect gifts a person could have. She is, and will forever be my rock. She’s so optimistic that sometimes I think she’s…for lack of a better adjective, ‘crazy’.

And what’s crazier is her penchant for classic love songs. She has her favorite radio station, and she tunes in every single day. Today, just before lunch, while the music was blaring, she took me and we waltzed around the kitchen. Well, she led while I tried to cover my eyes and stop myself from laughing at the sheer awkwardness of it, but, just for today I let her have her way. It is Mother’s Day after all. And today…lunch was something extra special.


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