Hey all. I think I might have taken the self-imposed ‘no-pork’ posting a little too seriously. The days dwindled past me and it’s almost been a week since I last wrote something. No, I have still been eating my fair share of pork, it’s just not blog-worthy, and I took the time to finish a few things before I leave.

(Hmmm) Writing that felt heavy. I haven’t really come to terms with how monumental it is. I’m not giving out any details yet, so I won’t jinx anything, but the point is, I’m “moving”. At least I’m slowly easing my way into it. If it was an essay, then it is still a rough draft, but I’m on my way. Hopefully.

Anyway, I’m currently absorbing my current eye-opening read, “Plate To Pixel” by Helene Dujardin. When I was starting out as a food blogger, suffice to say the photos were horrible. Slowly but surely though, I began to understand a few key elements about photographing food, and it led me to this book, which I think can solidify a few essential concepts to help me. This afternoon I experimented on a few things, not so much on composition, but with my camera’s settings! I learned a few things about my 2-year-old Lumix GF1 that I haven’t bothered to even know before. In true dork fashion, I was pretty happy conducting an “experiment” of sorts.

So, maybe in the next few days I might get back on my feet again, but for now, the space will be eerily quiet.


don’t mind the pliers.



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