Going vegetarian with Planet Vegis

As far as I know, there are only two strictly vegetarian restaurants here in the city: VG Queen, and a new player in the game: Planet Vegis. The former is old-world, rustic, while the latter (why it’s spelled ‘Vegis’, I have no clue)  is definitely more contemporary.

VG Queen is really a house with the ground floor converted to a simple eatery, with the food served buffet-style and priced per gram, owing to their philosophy that you “should only eat what you can, so nothing goes to waste”. Newspaper clippings about vegetarianism are plastered all over the wall. The most imposing, if i remember right, was the one which said, “Jesus was a Vegetarian!”. The old lady manning the counter is slightly eccentric and she also removes unlucky moles on your face and body for free! If the descriptions are still a bit subtle and you didn’t get the hint yet….the place is a Chinese family run business.

After years of guiltless consumption of meat and meat products, I finally stepped into another vegetarian restaurant. As soon as my friends and I visited the herb and vegetable garden, we went to the garden’s cafe/restaurant, Planet Vegis , conveniently located along Pasonanca’s main road. It actually occupies the first two floors of the building. Though not exactly sprawling, the space is just enough for diners to enjoy a cozy casual meal without feeling claustrophobic.


this is probably what they used for the barbecue



of course it makes sense that they sell ghee!


they have a corner chock full of canned goods


they also sell seeds for the amateur vegetable gardener!

I’m raving about three things right now:

1. The Beef Biryani rice tastes so great. If doesn’t have real beef in it, of course. I was sold with the first spoonful. The strong aroma of spices whets the appetite, and I began to salivate as soon as I opened the container. (We bought everything for take-out)

The spaghetti with meatballs, though filling, didn’t really impress. I felt that they were stingy with the sauce, although the meatballs looked authentic enough that I couldn’t really tell it was meat-less just by looking at it.

2. I don’t believe that you can ever go wrong with faux-cue. Wait, that doesn’t sound right! I mean: gluten barbecue. There, much better. I don’t understand why my friend didn’t like it. It was sweet, savory, smoky and basically what a good barbecue should be! It reminds me of VG Queen’s barbecue, which is good. I prefer eating it without the sauce, which was too spicy and makes eating it a challenge with sweat dripping down your face from time to time.


3. The salad greens are cheap! The deli where we usually go to sells around 250 grams for 140 pesos. The resto/farm sells the same amount for 65 pesos! It was a shame that they only had loose-leaf lettuce. The romaine, lollo rosso and iceberg lettuce can’t be harvested in bulk yet.

I would definitely go back to Planet Vegis again, to enjoy the food while soaking in the ambiance. The location could be closer to the city, but it’s understandable given that the concept of mainstream vegetarian cuisine can be quite pricey and sometimes people aren’t willing to dole out that much for a platter of vegetables they can otherwise cook at home. But Planet Vegis does offer more than that. Aside from the usual salad, perusing the menu will also give you choices of burgers, “meat balls”, “beef nuggets”, “sweet and sour fish”, noodles, and….well, chicharon (!), among other things.

I’m curious to find out whether they can impress me some more with their other selections next time, but right now, I’m adamant that Planet Vegis is worth a second visit.


3 thoughts on “Going vegetarian with Planet Vegis

  1. I tasted a lot of nice vegetarian places when I was in the Philippines because our bosses are vegetarians, I love their dishes and they taste like real meat even up to the point where the details in them are so intricate from muscle strands in the fake beef to the chicken and fish skin. What I don’t understand is that why try to become vegetarian when you are still eating this fake meats.

  2. Such a pretty place. Although a carnivore, I like faux meats and vegetarian dishes. Indeed there are a lot of interesting ways to make exciting veg dishes.

  3. been eyeing that place since we spotted it after our Pasonanca run some 2 months ago… hehehe pero there’s me and my 1million plans again… naexcite naman ako sa post mo, im glad it looks more inviting than VG Queen… next time we’ll have our after work run in Pasonanca will really try to pass by… 🙂 nice photos by the way…. 🙂

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