Where Am I?

Hello there. If you’re a regular visitor here, you might notice the “slightly” new look. Well, my below average photoshop skills were thankfully not used in editing the new header photo above. It’s just me, my trusty Panasonic GF1, and a day in the life of a culinary school student.

If I’m being totally honest, I’ve felt disconnected from my blog more than once. My priorities have somehow shifted. I’m a living irony. Here I am, kicking ass and getting my ass kicked in cooking school, and the blog doesn’t have a lot to show for it. But I’m not apologizing because I’d like to believe there are a lot of pressing matters that need my attention more, like: sleep, online food deliveries and averting failure.

But I miss it. I miss having time on my hands to just peruse through food blogs to extract inspiration. I miss the regular people who make their presence felt each and every time (I’m talking about you, J. :D) And most of all, I miss the comforts of cooking at home. Don’t get me wrong…moving and shifting my career did me so much good, but you get what I mean. I hope.

I’m a guy who likes to connect residual memories with an item’s face value. The old “look” THG had was a picture of easier, more convenient days doing nothing but cooking and baking. Everything isn’t the same anymore.

I had a bad day today. We all have bad days, I keep on telling myself that. And the funny thing is, instead of sleeping on it, I decided to write again, because I know this is probably the only way I can feel something familiar again.

What you have before you know is probably an indicator of things to come. The ground I’m walking on right now is shaky. The blog feels the disorientation because when I think about what to post, I feel like a noose is trying hard to suffocate me. I’m trying too hard. That’s probably the point I’m driving at.
Maybe I’m just lost right now. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never find my way back home. I’m in pain (literally, because I burned my hand), but that just means I’m alive. That’s gotta count as something good, right?

Speaking of home, the photos were from a family outing at the beach when I went home a few months ago. I also made clam curry, and my dill weed became a tree. I know, the photos don’t mesh well but I just miss home so much.


5 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. Hi Gio. Chin up, brother. You are chasing your dreams and know where you’re heading. You need not apologize if other things get left behind (or forgotten for a moment).

    I, myself, am in the same boat. Since working full time this year, my posts have been few and far between. My “free” times are spent trying to catch up on shop orders. I love it, but every once in a while, I miss my blog too. 😉

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