Asian Eats at The Podium

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By virtue of their facebook posts and photos alone, I’d say Pinoy Eats World looks like a pretty fun group. I haven’t had the pleasure of attending one of their food tours or guerilla dinners yet, but I did manage to head on over to The Podium where they organized a small food fair, World Eats “Asia”, just in time for the Chinese New Year. It’s actually an intimate gathering of a few up-and-coming food businesses with exciting (and tasty) products.

Here’s a rundown of the things I had, and really, the food speaks for itself. Make the most of it because WEA ends today!

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Delicious‘ artisanal wagyu corned beef ever since I had it at Mercato. This time, beyond the humble (haha) corned beef pandesal, Jeremy (Mr. D himself) has served up his version of corned beef sisig which is really just one part madness and two parts delicious. Toasted bits and pieces of corned beef were served with “artisanal” cheese, which is actually just Magnolia quickmelt “to keep it ghetto”, according to Mr. D. In between toasted ensaymada, this little sandwich is anything but humble.
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Next up, we dropped by Craft Coffee Workshop’s stall. I’m not really a fan of coffee because it makes my palms sweat more than the usual, but it’s fascinating to observe and listen to people who have so much passion for coffee-making that they’re also willing and able to share their expertise with other people. I got one of their bestsellers, the Nicaragua. I’m as shallow as it can be when it comes to understanding and appreciating coffee, but my friend said it was good. I’ll take her word for it.
 photo file_zpsfc543873.jpg
 photo file_zps0eabb6b2.jpg

It was a great to know Chez Karine would be setting up shop there as well, and I’m a sucker for a good macaron. I didn’t have to blink to know I wanted the maple bacon (yeaaaahh!). Need I say more? Buy a pack of bacon flavored with maple syrup from the grocery, mellow down the flavor and you get the macaron. Their macaron “showpiece” was a sight to behold as well.
 photo file_zps11f488ec.jpg
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The friendly lady (sorry, I forgot her name – I’m a goldfish that way) manning Asiong’s had us taste flavors I normally wouldn’t consume on a daily basis. They had leche flan, ube haleya, and strangely enough, another haleya made from tamarind or sampalok. I wouldn’t have known it was made from sampalok! Although it sounds strange, it was pretty darn good. The same goes for their kamias and malunggay juice. Both of them I’d probably find in soups – kamias being a souring agent and malunggay the ubiquitous leafy green. This time both of them went into a refreshing drink that I couldn’t resist buying a bottle to take home.
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 photo file_zps86e02960.jpg
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I regret not buying anything from Ritual (hot chocolate!) but here are a few of their really cool products:
 photo file_zpsfa4b11c9.jpg
 photo file_zps3f3beabe.jpg
 photo file_zps6ad6584a.jpg

Last stop would be the collaboration between The Ministry of Mushrooms and Edgy Veggie. Yes Virginia, everything is vegetarian. It took us a while before deciding on the mushroom burrito with chips, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. To put together a wrap with mushrooms and marry it with legit Mexican flair and flavor is exciting, to say the least. I wanted to try almost everything from their stall, including their clever rice mixes all seasoned and good to go.
 photo file_zps355875d1.jpg
 photo file_zpsf5cc94e8.jpg
 photo file_zps33e31342.jpg
 photo file_zps5728f8c0.jpg
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Also present are the folks from Theo and Philo artisanal chocolates (I’m a fan!), Pinkerton ice cream and Ha Yuan. Today is their last day and I hope I’m not too late to spread the “prosperity”. WEA is at The Podium, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong.

4 thoughts on “Asian Eats at The Podium

  1. I am so sad that I was not able to squeeze this in this weekend!! Their tweets and instagram pics had me drooling! And now yours too! I love Ritual’s cacao and I usually get the tablea from their store in the collective…so worth it. I also love Ministry of Mushrooms and Mr. Delicious’ stuff 🙂 Aaah…hopefully next time!

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