Yolanda and You: we need your help

The past few days have been extremely difficult for us here in the Philippines. The past few months have been heartbreaking, but this force of nature is something else entirely. In the Visayas region, especially in Leyte where typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) hit the hardest, graphic scenes of death and anarchy have been documented. At one point I found it difficult to swallow. The stories collected from the survivors sound so extraordinary that it might as well be a plot point from a disaster movie. But it’s not. It’s raw and real.

The next logical step is not to pin the blame on anyone, but to reach out. Please, we need your help. This is an appeal. People need the most basic of items: food, clothing, medicines. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you can give. Every single item counts.

The Philippine Red Cross, American Red Cross, Save The Children, World Food Programme are all accepting donations. (Click the links to redirect to their page)

Locally, here are a few ways to get in touch

 photo UP_zps62f6838f.jpg

 photo nroc_zps17d9c5ee.jpg

 photo worldvision_zps9fdcda9d.jpg
 photo Unicef_zpsfcdbda7e.jpg

 photo McDo_zps2c63b720.jpg

 photo Jollibee_zpsfa873dad.jpg

 photo Air21_zps1f993685.jpg

 photo LBC_zps3d56066a.jpg

And on the dates indicated below, restaurants have also promised to donate a portion of their sales. Dine away!
 photo YAW_Poster_small_zpsf19712b4.jpg


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