Egg Rings and Early Mornings


Lately, I rarely get up early. My usual day would begin at around 8:30 am, and then there are 4-hour power interruptions here and there, I usually have brunch, I skip breakfast, I lie in bed all day, I cram work into one day, and I cram some more…

But, when I do get to wake up at 6:00 am, breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day.

This time I baked the egg rings instead of microwaving it. I’m precluding the possibility that the yolk might explode. Yes, it has happened before. Plus, it’s less stressful.

Time slows down and little moments (like having breakfast with people before they leave for work) becomes golden.

Egg Rings

  • ramekins
  • 1 egg for each ramekin
  • 2 strips of bacon for each ramekin
  • a dash of salt and pepper
  • a dash of paprika
  1. Preheat oven to 180 C.
  2. Line the insides of the ramekins with the bacon strips
  3. Crack an egg in the middle of the ramekin
  4. Season with salt and pepper and paprika
  5. Bake for 15 minutes or until the center is set but still slightly wobbly. Ovens behave differently so if you want a runny center, check it at the 15-minute mark.

Bacon and Egg rings (well, sort of)

This is my definition of a crazy amazing breakfast.

My mom was the first person to ever introduce me to bacon, when I was I think around 5 years old, sickly, thin and asthmatic.

Suffice to say, 15 years later, I still have that love affair with bacon, and my pudgy belly is enough to prove it.

She was also the one who introduced me to the concept of bacon and eggs, and she almost always prepares it this way – using ramekins, with the bacon lining the eggs, and cooked in the microwave.

A weird thing about me is I like my eggs sunny side up, but I’m not a fan of the runny yolk, so either I: 1. give it to my dad for him to eat, or 2. cook the eggs enough so the yolk hardens, then I give it to my dad, if that makes sense.

But still the bacon and eggs combination for breakfast never lets me down, especially on mornings when my parents are long gone and I’m left to thrive on my own.

The use of ramekins makes it easier for me to cook these in the microwave. PLUS THERE’S A GAPING SPACE IN OUR KITCHEN WHERE OUR STOVE TOP AND OVEN USED TO BE SINCE IT’S DAMAGED AND AWAITING REPAIR, so yeah, thank you microwave.

Bacon and Egg rings (makes 1 ramekin serving)

2 strips of bacon

1 egg

salt and pepper, sage

1. Line the inner side of the clean ramekin with the bacon.

2. Crack the egg and gently drop it in the center. If the bacon collapses on the egg, carefully prop it back to the sides. And if it collapses on the egg while it’s in the microwave, well, there’s nothing you can really do about it. 🙂

3. Cook it on high for 2 1/2 minutes or until you can’t see the slimy film or until you think it’s good to go. I like mine just right – a little runny, bacon starting to crisp and there’s a white film over the yolk

So the bacon did collapse on the egg while it was cooking, but I don’t really pay much attention to detail. Hey it was still a good breakfast. Serve it with a heaping scoop of rice, EVEN BETTER.