Those who know me well know that I have really bad vision. So it’s been that way for as long as I can remember – I need to reach for my crutch just so I won’t fumble or fall. I literally cannot function with either my glasses or my contact lenses. Taking it off means plunging into a world for literal blur and bokeh.

In a way I’ve learned to love this dysfunction, this quirk that not a lot of people can appreciate. People are surprised to see how thick my glasses are, and I have yet to meet somebody whose vision is as bad, or worse than mine. But I know you’re out there, so drop me a line, yeah?

Eugene told me one time that probably the reason why I take nice intentionally blurred out shots is because what you see in my photos is literally what I see when I take away my crutch. I admit, it’s a beautiful sight.

I’ve realized that it’s fun to pepper posts with an eclectic mix of crisp and blurry shots. More and more I get to redefine my aesthetic. I’d like to believe that sometimes, it’s when things aren’t so crystal clear that the stories are sharper, details are more defined and the message is clearer.

Or maybe that’s just fluff.

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 photo file_zps13b22280.jpg
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