What I Ate @ ATOA

“Because I’d like to believe it’s important to tell the world what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner”

To start a new angle for my blog, whenever I go to a restaurant, try something from a food cart or stall, I might as well post what I had and invite you to salivate with me. If you might grab the chance to eat where I ate, maybe you can use my visual guide to help you get started. I might include a “micro review” of the place as well. I have yet to really dive into reviewing an establishment, but if it’s important to simply have an unbiased opinion of what I ate, then maybe it’s not too hard. 

Two of my friends and I had lunch at this little resto that serves Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino) cuisine, aptly called ATOA (A Taste Of Asia).

ATOA is actually a memorable place for us because the last time we went here, it was the day our board exam results came out (we all passed). But we are all fans of the place because of its Japanese food. I don’t really enjoy sushi and sashimi, but as you can see we had our fair share of particular favorites:

California Maki – my favorite. Every time I go there, I always make it a point to order this. It tastes really fresh, and when paired with their soy sauce, is foodgasmic.

Ebi (Shrimp) Tempura – this (along with the California Maki) is a mainstay on the table. Sure, it’s just large shrimp drowning in breadcrumbs, but it’s delicious large shrimp drowning in breadcrumbs.

Tonkatsu – breaded pork. Nothing special, you can make this at home. But more protein is a good addition to the meal. You can forego this and order something else.

Chicken Teriyaki – this sings. This is amazing. The sauce, if i’m not mistaken, is simply soy sauce cooked with sugar and thickened with cornstarch but it’s really really good. The chicken itself is tender, moist and really tasty. I’m having a hard time deciphering how they made this but I’ll get there. You can’t go wrong with chicken thighs.

Yang Chow fried rice – a little bit stingy with the goodies. Plain rice will do, but this is good as well, albeit not spectacular. Hey, it’s rice.

Don’t you think this setup is so pinoy?. In our defense however, we were stuffed when we reached this point. Don’t worry, I managed to “grudgingly” clean this up.

Here in Zamboanga, choices are pretty limited. Most of the restaurants here are geared towards satisfying all markets, so restaurants that are exclusively fine dining virtually don’t exist. I’m not really complaining, this is where I grew up and my palate is hardwired to appreciate simple food. ATOA packs a punch, and that’s it. The second floor is also reserved for functions and they also cater. I’m not a fan of their catering, but the food they serve in the restaurant is what keeps me coming back for more.

A Taste Of Asia (ATOA)
Veterans Avenue Extension (fronting Western Mindanao Medical Center) 
(062) 992 – 4600